Opportunities for student artists to create and participate in creative projects outside of their Universities can be limited. Similarly, graduating artists seeking opportunities to continue their creative process, are met with fierce competition from more 'established' artists.


Although the current pandemic has seemed to remedy this slightly, it still remains that artistic spaces - both physically and virtually - that focus entirely on the exposition of this huge cohort of artists are extremely few and far between.



The Paint My House project seeks to specifically address both the need for external opportunities whilst at University as well as a the continuation of creativity once University is finished.


The 'Paint My House' project is an online collaborative and interactive space exclusively available to existing and newly graduated student artists. The project specifically aims to allow student and graduating artists to participate in a simple collaborative exchange. 


By acting as the external body, the 'Paint My House' project allows for professional development and CV building to occur.

The Future

At present, Paint My House is a passion project. This project currently does not receive any funding from any source.

There is the hope that this project develops into a tool that can be utilised in the physical world by Universities and Cultural Institutions to enable tangible opportunities for professional development to occur, and become more accessible for both student and graduating artists.

If you wish to get in touch, email paint-my-house@hotmail.com.